Ep1-9 June/July 2020

June/July 2020

Episode 1 to 9

Photo of Mulán and Jiang on the video set.

June 1, 2020

1. BASICS: What is Autism, part 1

Briefly introducing what Autism is (and isn't), talking about social interaction and executive functioning specifically.

Lenght: 6, 05 min

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: Sometimes it's too hard to chose what to do first, Mulán end up getting stuck, doing nothing.

Photo of Mulán and Jiang smiling to the camera.

June 7, 2020

2. BASICS: What is Autism, part 2

Second introduction vlog, talking about sensory sensibility and restricted, repetiative behaviour and special interersts, stimming, meltdowns and more

Lenght: 5,58

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: What is it like to be forbidden to stim? Mulán will tell you in this vlog.

Photo of Mulán and Jiang at the dinner table. Jiang staring at Mulán and Mulán looking into the camera.

June 14, 2020

3 BASICS: Social Interaction

Difficulties in reading other people and expressing own feelings is something completely different from not caring, not having emotions or being sociopathic.

Lenght: 6, 22

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: Mulán sharing her experiences of trying to make friends.

June 28, 2020

5. BASICS: Sensory sensibility

There isn't really such a thing as "getting used to" for people with Autism, and that can make everyday life draining.

Lenght: 6. 31

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: Sounds or smell can be physically painful. Mulán explains in what way.

Photo from vlogg: Mulán looks at Jiang and laughes. Mul'an is weearing a bright red hoodie with CANADA written on the chest. Jiang is wearing a white blouse and has her hair in a braid.

July 5, 2020

6. BASICS: Restricted and repetitative behaviour

Special interests is probably the most well known trait of having autism. We also explain why repetitive behavours like stimming or always having it the same way is so important.

Lenght: 6, 25

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: Special interests are one of the signatory traits of Autism, but did you know social interaction can be one of them?

July19,, 2020

8. Autism in Girls and Women, part 2

Autism has traditionally been observed and researched in boys and men and diagnosis criteria has been focused solely on symptoms typical for them leaving psychiatrist to believe girls and women cannot have autism. Thousands of girls and women still suffer from not getting diagnosed and helped.


Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: For many people with Autism, full-time studying or working isn't possible. Instead, maybe a couple of hours a week is the limit.

Picture from vlog where Jiang and Mulán look at each other and smile. Text: People with Autism have emotions. They may not express them in the same way as others, but that is not the same thing as being unable to have empathy, for example.

July 26,, 2020

9. Autism and Emotions

We discuss how people with Autism show emotions and why some people believe Autistic people lack emotions and feelings.

Lenght: 7.13

Subtitles: English and Swedish

Highlights: Mulán explains whey she started to cry when we watched Rainman.

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