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What's it like to be autistic and what's it like to have an autistic child?

Most of the stuff we've watched are parents talking about children, not letting them speak for themselves. Or, it's autistic persons talking about what it was like growing up. So, we decided the world needs a vlog where a mum and a kid talk with each other, not about each other.

April/May 2021

Febaruary/Mars 2021

December/January 2021

45. Don't go blue!

36. Therapeutic tools at home

27. Special interests

46. Good support organizations

37. Depression and mental illness

28. Pysselspecial

47. Executive special: keeping order

38. Meltdowns

29. Christmas special

48. Executive special: lack of motivation

39. "Hero moms"

30. Happy new Year

49. Executive special: working memory

40. Integrity and dignity

31. Sensory special: food

50. Executive special: flexible thinking

41. Friends

32. Sensory special: touch

51. Executive special: self-control

42. What we want you to know: kid

33. Sensory special: sound

52. Executive special: procastination

43. What we want you to know - parent

34. Sensory special: light

53. Answering viewers questions

44. Easter special

35. Sensory special: smell



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