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English and Swedish.

I have Autism and am having a panic attack. Please, let me be. Help me by speaking softly. If you act gently it will help me calm down.

Please, respect my integrity.

Jag har autism och har fått en panikattack. Snälla, låt mig vara. Prata vänligt och lågmält. Om du agerar lugnt och tryggt hjälper du mig att lugna mig. Respektera min integritet.

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Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Center

The GNC at Sahlgrenska Academy is a platform for conducting research aimed at developing and establishing new methods for early intervention, examination, investigation and intervention/treatment in the fields of neuropsychiatry and developmental neurology ("ESSENCE", i.e. Early Symptomatic Syndromes Eliciting Neurodevelopmental Clinical Examinations).

World-leading research is currently being conducted at the GNC on for example autism, ADHD, motor abnormalities, tics and obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders and conduct disorders.

Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet (KIND) is a competence center focusing on research, development and education about neurodevelopmental disorders. KIND is a part of the Pediatric Neuropsychiatry Unit at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. 

Karolinska Institutet, logo
Autism och aspergerförbundet logo
Riksförbundet Attention, logo

Riksförbundet Attention är en intresseorganisation för personer 

med neuropsykiatriska funktionsnedsättningar

Autism- och aspergerförbundet

Autism- och Aspergerförbundet arbetar för att förbättra villkoren för personer med autism

National Autistic Society, logo

The National Autistic Society (UK) is here to transform lives, change attitudes and create a society that works for autistic people.





Swedish comedian Måns Möller Sports and Leasure time Foundation for children with neuropsychiatric diagnosis.

Low Arousal Approach

Photo of Anna Sjölund

One of the best Swedish Autism coaches. Check out this resource page, full of free material (in Swedish)

Barn i Behov, logo in black and white

Parent initiative in Sweden, who advocates the right to education for children with neuropshyiatric diagnosis. Check out their group on Facebook


Photo from Youtube video with Lina Liman

Lina Liman -

Konsten att fejka arabiska

Low Arousal Approach, logo
Photo of Psychiatrist Bo Hejlskov Elvén
Studio III logo

Low Arousal Approach,

evereything you need to know!

Bo Hejlskov Elvén,

clinical psychologist. Homepage in Swedish and English.

Studio III, a method to deal with dangerous situations with low arousal approach.

In English

In Swedish

Photo of Jiang Millington taken by Magnus Aronsson

Jiang Millington

Tweets mainly in Swedish about autism, ADHD, school, human and civil rights, climate change and more.

Photo of Annelie Karlsson,

Annelie Karlsson

Tweets mainly in Swedish about autism, ADHD, school.

Photo of Malin Holm

Malin Holm

Tweets mainly in Swedish about psychology, neurodiversity and more.

Anna Sjölund - autismpedagogik


Barn i Behov

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